China Solar GmbH

PV Modules


CHINA SOLAR® photovoltaic modules

Our photovoltaic modules of the brands FRANKFURT SOLAR® and CHAORI SOLAR® stand for hight quality and performance, simple construction and installation, elegant and appealing appearance as well as high surface loading capacity.

  • Durable Module:
    cells imbedded in EVA and Tedler; safety glass with Anti-Reflex-Coating for high stability with optimized yield; water and weather proof
  • Robust Frame:
    completely surrounded aluminium frame; fixed frontside of frame
  • Positive Tolerance:
    we deliver only panels hight than the nominal power (≥0%)
  • Wide Range of Application:
    net coupled photovoltaic equipment; multifarious possibility of application for all PV-Systems
  • Certified Products:
    IEC61215, IEC61730, UL1703, ETL & Kemco, CE
  • Top manufacturing quality:
    Quality management ISO 9001:2000, environmental management  ISO 14001:2004.
  • Certification for the snow zone 3:
    all panels are also suited for regions with extreme weather conditions
  • Gradual Warranty:
  • Insurance 
    by market leading insurance companies
  • Best price condition.
  • Special condition for project operater:
    flexible delivery quantities and timing
  • Flexible pricing arrangements and payment terms
  • High delivery capacity 
  • Available from warehouses in Germany
  • After-Sale-Service in Germany