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Project Business

Project Business

Large projects with Frankfurt Energy Holding®

China Solar GroßprojektSince 2008, Frankfurt Energy Holding has been active in the project business as investor, EPC, supplier of solar components and operator of large-scaled solar power plants. Therefore, we now have extensive experience and know-how in the development, construction and operation of large-scaled solar power plants in Germany and Europe.

Today our suppliers and customers consist of well-known and respected solar companies and project developers, manufacturers and investors.

Our project areas

We act as project investor, interim financier, power plant operator and supplier of components; we are continuously looking for worldwide project offers for our investment and ownership: We invest in solar power plants at an early stage, depending on grade and market situation. We participate in these or take it over for construction and operate it ourselves. We are looking for interesting project proposals on direct purchase from the project developers as well as a project procurement.

We are interested in financing deals in various kinds (from public or private sector institutions such as private banks and foundations, investment companies, financiers on commission, etc.).

We are looking for cooperation in international projects in the field of project management and local project controlling.

We are looking for project surfaces (roofs and ground) to implement solar projects in Germany, Europe, Latin America, USA, China and other developing countries.

As supplier we are able to organize large volumes of PV modules and other system components for your solar projects and solar farms according to your need to provide and would like to cooperate in the implementation of your project ideas with you.