Trade / Exchange

Trade and Exchange

The development and integration of renewable power generation puts entirely new requirements on the energy system and change the conventional power plants, the electricity trade, but also the transport, distribution and use of electricity significantly.
The German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) 2012 has introduced several models for compensation of solar power generation. In addition to the conventional EEG payment scheme new models are designed, such as direct sales via Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as well as on the electricity exchange or market bonus scheme.

Since the liberalization of the electricity market in Germany some special electricity exchanges have been established, in which electricity can be freely traded on the principle of a stock exchange. This type of trade allows electricity suppliers to sell electricity packets when there is overcapacity. On the other hand, they may also buy electricity if there are bottlenecks in the production. The power exchange offers various commercial products. These are standardized so that power producers, wholesale and traders can deal with each other.

The reconstruction requires regional and inter-municipal hubs for decentralized energy supply. For further projects we will pay more attention that these should be be beneficial for regional energy balance.

With regard to the time-limited validity of the EEG Frankfurt Energy Holding is already active in the preparation and implementation of power plants in Germany and other European countries, where the business model is no longer based on a subsidized fee structure, but on the market model.