Power Trading

Power Trading

The economic operation of solar power plants and wind turbines will soon need to be guided by the market prices. The existing promotion mechanisms such as the legal feed-in tariffs are gradually coming to an end. This is not the end of the renewable energy, but the beginning for a new dawn in a scenario of the energy generation, which is essentially based on the regenerative energy.

In Germany in the context of the EEG new models about direct marketing have been already embedded. Other countries are also interested in cost optimization of electricity supplies.

The electricity generated by our solar power plants is on the electricity market available for all market participants (utilities, electricity traders, consumers, etc.), and Frankfurt Energy Holding is interested in working with all stakeholders in the geographical areas of new solar power plants to implement the new market models.

Direct sales without EEG-FIT

Based on our experiences and estimation we consider it economically feasible that solar power plants could be built and operated even without legal FIT in the near future. This consideration applies both for Germany and for other European countries. 

The Frankfurt Energy Holding is able to support this long-term trend and looking forward to good partnerships with utilities, energy distributors, electricity traders, industrial consumers and other providers to establish an independent green electricity market in Germany and Europe.

We not only invest in large-scaled solar and wind power plants but also have great interest in the necessary grid expansion and remodeling, as well as in the participation of municipalities and utilities.