Large Storage Systems

Large Storage Systems

Baseload Capacity is the keyword that the major producers of renewable energy have to face. What is required is the ability of supplying power when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. The future industrial storage systems are being developed to make a 24-hour care in the local and regional area possible.

Mechanical Energy Storage are both flywheels storing the kinetic energy as well as compressed air and punmped storage power plants and springs, which could take advantages of the potential energy themseves.

Chemical Energy is availabe in organic form (for example carbohydrates, fats, hydrogen storage) and inorganic form (batteries, rechargeable batteries, hydrogen, redox flow cell, etc.) Here, thermal or elctrical energy, usually determined, could be saved indirectly by chemical reactions. The uses of batteries and accumlators are almost unlimited. 

Power-To-Gas: conversion of solar energy in combination with biogas plant and mehane storage in the German gas network. The gas can then be used for a sunless reconversion in time.

Among the electrical energy storage devices, the superconducting magnetic coils and the capacitors are combined.

Thermal energy storage means heat or district heating storage. It is divided into high and low temperature storage as well as short term and long term storage. The cheap water and the refractory fireclay rock is used as storage media. However, the economics of a storage in nigt power is still questionable because of the increasing costs. Today, the solar collectors which use the energy of the sun rays acquire more interests. The heat storage capacity has the benifit of compensating temporal power fluctuations and thus to ensure a continuous supply.

We actively study all commercially available technologies, possibly the promising approaches in an early phase in joint venture with developers, and expect appropriate remuneration rule for Germany and other countries in Europ in the near future.  

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