Plant Sale

Plant Sale

In the solar industry the secondary market is increasingly more dynamic and attractive solar power plants are now available in the relevant countries. Frankfurt Energy Holding – as an experienced solar investor and developer has global network and is in charge of business partners to seek financially-sound investors. The plants are not only part of our own holding, but also from our partners. 
Here it concerns investors from the following sectors:

  • Institutional investors
  • Issuing houses and banks
  • Utilities and municipalities
  • Energy company stubs
  • Private equity as private individual investors and Family Offices
  • Solar EPCs

As a plant operator you have a long-term stabile return and possible tax benefits and thereby become energy producers. Due to the state-guaranteed feed-in tariffs the returns are so attractive that currently almost all solar power plants are purchased by institutional investors, insurance companies, fonds and investment compaies, if the technical qualities are met.

The sale of solar power plants is a complex prozess. With its competence and experiences Frankfurt Energy Holding supports you in making the right decision.

We are happy to check if we have earmarked investment for you.  Please don´t hesitate to contact us:
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