Investment private & institutional

Private or institutional Investment 
in Solar and Wind

Investment protection through guaranteed feed-in tariffs and connection requirement: Every kilowatt-hour that is generated from renewable energy facilities receives a fixed FIT. Furthermore, the network operators must feed in this electricity into the grid perferentially to the electricity generated by conventional sourced (nuclear power, coal and gas). Renewable energy plant operators receive a 20 year, technology specific, guaranteed payment for their produced electricity. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises have been given new access to the electricity market, along with private land owners. The Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety argues that anyone who produces renewable energy can now sell his 'product' for a 20-year fixed price.

An investment is possible when founding the project company or in the construction phase. As a risk-avers investor you can invest in a solar power plant either at the start of its construction or after its completion. In this way all risks in the approval phase will be avoided.

A usual way of investing in a solar power plant is the limited partner interest in a solar power plant for 25T € or more. Besides the fixed return different tax benefits could result from the investment.  

The available investment forms are limited partnership or shares of a limited company. The decision depends on the personal situation of the investors or the corporate structure of the special vehicle.

Above all, it is clear that such an investment can be very attractive for both private and institutional investor because of its solid and high returns as well as the tax advantages. Please ask your tax consultant for notes and calculations, how such an investment impinges on your personal financial situation. Our data serve only as a basic suggestion.

The Frankfurt Energy Holding®  is involved in this investment form since 2008 und expands its property sustainably.

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