Opportunities for Participation

Solar parks offer a relatively safe and attractive investment opportunity.

This is one of the reasons why Frankfurt Energy Holding holds all solar power plants built by itself with a total capacity of currently about 100 megawatts (stand: 12/31/2013) in its own portfolio. Firstly, we were able to control the quality of the components used by ourselvs, on the other hand we have thereby gained a lot of experiences for development and implementation of projects.

We want to enable other investors to get the access to renewable energy, so that the energy transition could be accelerated. An investment in solar is even possible without own roof.

We plan and build solar power plants, which everyone can participate on at a certain amount to be invested. Regarding the target return we will find a balance between specific conditions and alternative investments vehicles with you.

Wir offer investments in following forms:

  • KG-investments / shares in GmbH
  • EEG-based financial products
  • Sales of turnkey solar power plants