Strategic Partnership

The advantages of a strategic partnership with us are: China, with its huge potential, has important resources and is the world market leader in all sectors of the renewable energy industry.

Thus, we maintain close partnership to Chinese manufacturers of solar modules for years, which meet the highest quality standards, both for our customers and for our own projects. Besides the technical quality the "bankability" is an important criterion for us.

Following the market development, our focus shifts from module trading to project business where we develop power generation facilities, configure, build and operate. Market fluctuations have less influence on our business, since we are a downstream company on the value chain.

With even lower costs in investment in photovoltaic the solar components the solar energy has been more competitive for direct sale and opens up a promising market segment, for which we are well prepared by our corporate structure.

Since our foundation in 2005 we have achieved the turnover of 500 MW solar modules and will establish a proprietary portfolio of solar power plants with a combined total capacity of about 100 MW by the end of 2013 as investor.

Our customer structure is moving from workshops through wholesalers, system integrators, project developers, EPCs to listed manufactures of components such as solar modules, inverters and wind turbines.

Banks, financial intermadiaries and investors are also an important part of our global network.

You can also become a member of them!

We rely on faithful relationship, because we - the Frankfurt Energy Holding -  and you are also client, partner and sponsor for each other.

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